Nature and family



The Apulian Adriatic coast is so long that the human eye cannot catch it. From Bari to Brindisi, white sand beaches leave the pace to rocks. Each traveller can choose the spot of his choice to swim, discover our sea bottom or simply lie down in the sun. What never changes is the warm and crystal clear seawater, where you can dive and swim to rest your body and restore your mind and spirit.

A few kilometres down you meet the charming rural landscape with many enchanting cosy towns, such as Ostuni. Deep down at the heart of Valle d'Itria, these little towns are a tangible example of our culture and traditions, which attract millions of travellers from all over the world every year.


You cannot describe Ostuni, you simply have to be there and live it. The stunning white colour of its houses shines even in the darkest of the nights. Wander around and getting lost in its narrow alleys is a unique experience not to miss. Shopping around in the many little cosy shops and visiting its baroque churches is an absolute must. Known as the "White Town", because of the white lime of its houses, Ostuni is together with Taranto and Santa Maria di Leuca, one of the ideal destinations in Salento.

Renowned touristic destination, in 2009 Ostuni was awarded Bandiera blu (Blue Flag) and Five Sails by Legambiente for the cleanliness of its coast and its seawater and for the quality of the services it offers. In 2005, the Apulian Region acknowledged Ostuni as "touristic destination".

Gargano, heaven on earth on the Spur of Italy.

Gargano, also known as the Spur of Italy, is an Italian sub-region who is named after the promontory situated in the North part of Puglia, on the West side of Foggia. It is completely surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, except on the West side, where it borders on the Tavoliere. The National Park of Gargano is located in this area too.

Discovering a territory through its culture and art is a wonderful experience. And Puglia offers infinite stories about people, places and traditions that just wait to be told.









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Nature and family

    The Apulian Adriatic coast is so long that the human eye cannot catch it. From Bari to Brindisi,...

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